Crimson Terrain Launch

Crimson Terrain Launch

Crimson Terrain has officially launched a website! Huzzah, hurray. This and everything else I do is made possible by all of the amazing people who have supported my projects and work this year. So thank you.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet for now but I do want to quickly talk about what I am going to be doing here. Primarily this will be the hub for all of the published works, products, and news coming out of Crimson Terrain. For the time being I am focusing solely on offering digital copies of our creations here but that will be expanding shortly as I begin to explore new and exciting projects and creations. 

Use Promo Code: LAUNCHPARTY at checkout to take up to $10.00 off your order.

I will still host all of my books on I am going to try to work something out to provide vouchers or coupons to grab a copy on there as well when you make a purchase here but that may not be something I can do. I still need to speak with them about that. 

So with that said, welcome to the official home of Crimson Terrain!

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