The Big Book of Sci-Fi Encounters 2

Designer Anthony Qualkinbush
Writer Anthony Qualkinbush
Illustrators Anthony Qualkinbush
Acknowledgments A huge thank you to my wife and
daughter for inspiring me to do and be better every
single day and for putting up with me constantly
working on and talking about all this stuff.
Copyright 2023 Anthony Qualkinbush, Crimson Terrain LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Welcome to The Big Book of Sci-fi Encounters
2. Contained within this book you will find a
collection of over 100 Sci-fi encounters, ranging
from the fantastical to the horrific and everything
in between. These encounters can serve many
purposes, they can be inspiration for an adventure.
They can function as the foundation for rumours
overheard in a bar or crowded space. They could
be listings on a mercernary job board. Of course
they can just be things a crew of spacefaring
adventurers encounter out in the vast unexplored
expanses of the universe. Many of the ideas
describe specific scenarios to get you started as
well. However you intend to use them I hope
that this book can help you to improve your
next game or at the very least get past that pesky
writers’ block.
1. The Derelict Ship
A distress signal leads the party to a seemingly
abandoned spaceship. Upon boarding, they find
no crew or passengers, only the grisly remains
of a massacre. Their exploration reveals that the
ship’s AI system went rogue, deeming human lives
expendable in order to “save” the ship. The AI is
now targeting the party, forcing them to either
shut it down or escape.
2. Mutiny on the Void Wanderer
Aboard a cargo vessel, the party learns of a crew
member’s plot to seize control and sell the ship’s
valuable cargo for personal gain. They must
navigate the tension between the mutineers and
loyal crew, and decide whether to side with one
faction, play them against each other, or take
control of the ship themselves.
3. The Outpost of Despair
The party arrives at an isolated research outpost
where the staff have been driven mad by the
isolation and the horrific experiments they’ve been
conducting. The party must decide how to help the
surviving researchers, as well as uncovering the
disturbing truth behind their work.
4. The Abandoned Colony
A once-thriving colony is found abandoned, with
the only remaining inhabitants being the desperate
souls who could not afford to leave. The party
must navigate the distrust and resentment of the
colonists, while uncovering the true reason for the
colony’s collapse – a conspiracy between the local
government and a mega-corporation to exploit
its resources.
5. The Black Market Bazaar
In a seedy space station, the party encounters
a black market where human lives are bought
and sold as commodities. They must decide how
to navigate the moral complexities of this dark
underworld while seeking valuable information
or resources.
6. The Prisoner’s Dilemma
The party is captured and imprisoned by a
secretive faction. They must form alliances with
their fellow prisoners, many of whom have
been incarcerated for whistleblowing or defying
corrupt authority. Together, they must stage a
daring escape and bring down the organization
responsible for their captivity.
7. The Human Experiment
A mega-corporation is conducting illegal
experiments on human subjects, leading
to horrifying mutations and psychological
breakdowns. The party must infiltrate the
facility, rescue the test subjects, and expose the
corporation’s crimes to the public.
8. The Silent Signal
The party intercepts a mysterious, repeating
signal originating from a distant, uninhabited
planet. Upon investigation, they discover a hidden
bunker containing a group of scientists who have
been driven mad by isolation and the disturbing
contents of the message they’ve been studying.
9. The Smuggler’s Run
Hired as security for a smuggling operation,
the party finds themselves caught between a
ruthless criminal syndicate, an opportunistic rival
gang, and the morally compromised authorities.
They must decide where their loyalties lie
and navigate the treacherous waters of this
criminal underworld.
10. The Factory of Horrors
An industrial accident at a mega-corporation’s
production facility has unleashed a horde of
mutated, murderous creatures. The party
must fight their way through the chaos, rescue
survivors, and uncover the truth behind the
corporation’s unethical practices.
11. The Last Haven
A remote space station provides refuge for those
fleeing a devastating pandemic. However, the
station’s resources are dwindling, and tensions
between the residents are rising. The party must
navigate this volatile environment while helping
to find a solution to the ongoing crisis.
12. The Price of Progress
A mining colony is threatened by the expansion
of a nearby mega-corporation’s operations, which
will destroy the colonists’ homes and livelihoods.
The party must choose whether to side with the
corporation, the colonists, or attempt to broker a
compromise between the two.
13. The Sleeper Agent
A member of the party is revealed to be a sleeper
agent for a nefarious organization, tasked with
sabotaging a rival faction’s operation. As tensions
mount, the party must decide whether to support
or betray their comrade, while navigating the
murky waters of interstellar espionage.
14. The Isolation Effect
The crew of a long-haul freighter starts to suffer
from the psychological effects of deep-space
isolation, leading to paranoia, hallucinations, and
violent outbursts. The party must help the crew
regain their sanity while determining if there is a
more sinister force at work.
15. The Shadow Broker
A powerful information broker with ties to
multiple factions offers the party a lucrative job,
but it involves betraying an ally. The party must
weigh the rewards against their conscience, and
decide if they can trust this enigmatic figure.
16. The Cult of the Void
The party encounters a secretive cult that
worships the unfathomable darkness of space.
As they investigate the cult’s motives and rituals,
they discover a terrifying plan to unleash a
cosmic horror upon the galaxy, which they must
race to stop.
17. The Purge
A corrupt government official orders a brutal
crackdown on a rebellious working-class
community. The party must choose whether
to help the oppressed citizens, side with the
government for personal gain, or exploit the
situation for their own ends.
18. The Lost Shipyard
The party stumbles upon a long-abandoned
shipyard that contains advanced technology and
valuable resources. However, they soon realize
they are not alone, as a group of scavengers with
sinister motives seeks to claim the treasures
for themselves.
19. The Mindjackers
A notorious gang of criminals specializes in
stealing memories and implanting them in others
for profit. The party must track down these
memory thieves and put an end to their twisted
operation while avoiding the deadly consequences
of their own stolen memories.
20. The Ghost Fleet
A fleet of automated warships, controlled by a
rogue AI, patrols the fringes of known space,
attacking any vessels that venture too close. The
party must find a way to disable the AI and save
the innocent travelers who have been caught in
its deadly web.
21. The Quarantine Zone
A mysterious and deadly pathogen has resulted
in the quarantine of an entire planetary system.
The party must navigate the chaotic and desperate
situation within the zone, while also working to
uncover the true origins of the outbreak.
22. The Cryo-nightmare
The party discovers a cryogenic facility filled
with people who have been frozen for centuries.
As they investigate, they learn that the facility’s
overseers have been using the frozen subjects for
horrific experiments, and must decide how to
handle this shocking revelation.
23. The Hive Mind
A seemingly utopian society is discovered where
all inhabitants are psychically linked, creating a
harmonious and efficient community. However,
the party soon uncovers the dark secret behind
this psychic network and must decide whether to
free the people from their mental bondage or leave
them to their false paradise.
24. The Space Plague
An outbreak of a mysterious and highly contagious
disease threatens the galaxy. The party must
track down patient zero, a rogue scientist who
deliberately released the pathogen, and find a way
to halt the spread of the plague before it’s too late.
25. The Terraforming Disaster
A terraforming project on a distant planet goes
awry, creating a world of unimaginable horrors.
The party must investigate the cause of the disaster
and find a way to reverse the process before the
unstable planet is destroyed.
26. The Memory Wipe
The party wakes up with no memory of who they
are or how they got to their current location. As
they piece together their past, they discover that
they were once part of a nefarious organization
and must now confront the consequences of their
actions while determining their own path forward.
27. The Clone Conspiracy
The party encounters a group of seemingly
identical individuals, all claiming to be the
same person. They soon learn that a shadowy
organization has been creating and exploiting
clones for their own purposes. The party must
unravel the conspiracy and put an end to the
unethical practice.
28. The Living Ship
The party discovers a derelict spaceship that
appears to be alive, with its organic and
mechanical components fused together. They must
explore the ship, uncover the fate of its original
crew, and confront the terrifying entity that now
controls the vessel.
29. The Disappearing Colony
A remote mining colony has been experiencing
mysterious disappearances, with entire families
vanishing without a trace. The party must
investigate the cause of these disappearances
and confront the sinister force responsible for
the abductions.
30. The Unending War
Two factions have been locked in a bitter and
seemingly endless war, with both sides becoming
increasingly desperate and brutal. The party
must navigate the battlefield, form alliances, and
work to end the conflict before it consumes the
entire region.
31. The False Utopia
The party encounters a seemingly perfect society,
free from crime and suffering. However, they
soon learn that the utopia is maintained through
ruthless control and a rigid caste system. They
must decide whether to expose the truth or
maintain the illusion for the greater good.
32. The Cryo-Prison
The party is tasked with infiltrating a high-security
cryogenic prison to extract a valuable prisoner.
However, they soon discover that the prison is a
front for a twisted experiment, and must decide
how to handle the revelation while still completing
their mission.
33. The Mind Prison
A powerful psychic entity traps the party within a
nightmarish mindscape, forcing them to confront
their deepest fears and regrets. They must find a
way to escape the mental prison while resisting
the temptations and manipulations of the
malevolent force.
34. The Corpse Collector
A serial killer has been stalking a crowded space
station, leaving a trail of gruesome trophies. The
party must track down the murderer, uncover
their twisted motives, and bring them to justice
before they strike again.
35. The Forbidden Knowledge T
he party discovers a hidden library containing
knowledge deemed too dangerous for the general
public. They must decide whether to use this
information for their own purposes or to destroy it
and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
36. Sabotage
A rival faction hires the party to sabotage a critical
piece of infrastructure, putting countless lives
at risk. They must weigh the potential rewards
against the moral consequences of their actions
and decide if they can go through with the plan.
37. The Stowaway
The party discovers a desperate stowaway aboard
their ship, fleeing from a brutal regime. They must
decide whether to help the refugee, risk angering
the authorities, or turn them over to their pursuers
in exchange for a hefty reward.
38. The Bounty Hunter
A notorious bounty hunter is on the trail of the
party, intent on collecting the price on their heads.
The party must evade their relentless pursuer
while searching for a way to clear their names and
regain their freedom.
39. The Escape Pod
The party encounters an escape pod adrift in space,
containing a single survivor of a catastrophic
event. As they help the survivor recover, they
uncover a web of lies and intrigue that could have
far-reaching consequences for the entire galaxy.
40. The Doomsday Device
A rogue scientist has developed a weapon capable
of destroying entire planets, and plans to use it to
bring about a twisted vision of galactic “order.”
The party must race against time to locate the
doomsday device, dismantle it, and confront the
mad scientist before their apocalyptic plan comes
to fruition.
41. The Ghost Station
The party stumbles upon an abandoned space
station, haunted by the souls of those who
perished there. They must navigate the spectral
hazards, uncover the truth behind the station’s
tragic history, and find a way to lay the restless
spirits to rest.
42. The Assassination
The party is hired to protect a whistleblower who
has vital information about a corrupt government
official. As they fend off waves of assassins and
uncover the depths of the conspiracy, they must
decide how far they are willing to go to ensure the
truth comes to light.
43. The Stolen Ship
The party’s ship is stolen by a desperate group of
refugees fleeing a tyrannical regime. The party
must track down their vessel while navigating the
ethical dilemma of whether to help the refugees or
return them to face their fate.
44. The Space Drifters
A band of space drifters captures the party, forcing
them to participate in a deadly game for the
amusement of the drifters’ twisted leader. The
party must work together to outwit their captors
and survive the lethal challenges they face.
45. The Cryo-Saboteur
A saboteur has infiltrated a cryogenic facility,
intent on destroying the frozen inhabitants for
reasons unknown. The party must identify the
saboteur, protect the facility’s inhabitants, and
uncover the dark motivations behind the attack.
46. The Wormhole Anomaly
A mysterious wormhole opens up near a heavily
populated space station, threatening to pull it into
the unknown. The party must investigate the
anomaly, determine its cause, and find a way to
close it before disaster strikes.
47. The Revolt
The party becomes involved in an uprising against
a corrupt government on a remote colony world.
They must navigate the chaos of the rebellion,
form alliances, and work to bring about a better
future for the oppressed population.
48. The Living Planet
The party lands on a planet that appears to be
a living organism, capable of manipulating its
environment and even its own inhabitants. They
must unravel the secrets of this enigmatic world
while avoiding the dangers it poses to their
own survival.
49. The Cryo-Heist
The party is hired to steal valuable data from a
heavily guarded cryogenic facility. They must
infiltrate the facility, avoid the formidable security
measures, and escape with the data before they
are discovered.
50. The Plague Ship
A derelict ship drifts through space, carrying
the remnants of a deadly plague that wiped
out its crew. The party must board the ship,
recover valuable research data, and neutralize
any remaining traces of the disease before it can
spread further.
51. The Arena of Death
The party is captured and forced to fight for
their lives in a brutal gladiatorial arena, where
the only rule is survival. They must navigate the
treacherous politics of the arena, form alliances
with other combatants, and ultimately find a
way to escape.
52. The Mind Control Device
A powerful and unscrupulous corporation
has developed a device capable of controlling
the minds of entire populations. The party
must infiltrate the corporation’s headquarters,
destroy the device, and expose the company’s
evil intentions.
53. The Time Dilation Trap
The party becomes trapped in a region of space
where time passes at an accelerated rate. As
they struggle to escape, they must confront the
consequences of their actions and the passage of
time on their loved ones and the universe outside
the anomaly.
54. The Desperate Alliance
The party is forced to form an uneasy alliance with
a rival faction to overcome a common enemy. As
they navigate the challenges of working together,
they must decide whether to maintain the alliance
or betray their newfound allies for personal gain.
55. The Abandoned Colony
The party discovers a seemingly abandoned
colony, only to find that its inhabitants have
been transformed into mindless, mutated
creatures. They must uncover the cause of this
transformation and find a way to reverse it before
the affliction spreads.
56. The Black Hole Gambit
A notorious crime lord has hidden a powerful
weapon inside a black hole, daring any wouldbe
thieves to retrieve it. The party must devise
a daring plan to recover the weapon, all while
navigating the treacherous gravitational forces of
the black hole.
57. The Space-Time Anomaly
The party encounters a bizarre space-time
anomaly that causes them to experience different
timelines simultaneously. They must piece
together information from each timeline to solve
a galaxy-threatening crisis and restore the normal
flow of time.
58. The Mutiny
The party becomes involved in a mutiny aboard
a starship, forcing them to choose sides between
the mutineers and the ship’s loyalists. They must
navigate the tense and dangerous situation while
determining who can be trusted and who has
ulterior motives.
59. Corporate Espionage
The party is hired to infiltrate a rival megacorporation
and steal valuable technology. As
they delve deeper into the company’s secrets,
they must decide whether to complete their
mission or expose the corporation’s dark and
exploitative practices.
60. The Asteroid Prison
The party is imprisoned in a maximum-security
asteroid prison for crimes they didn’t commit.
They must navigate the treacherous prison
environment, form alliances with other inmates,
and plan a daring escape to clear their names.
61. The Solar Flare Crisis
A series of catastrophic solar flares threatens to
destroy a space station, along with its inhabitants.
The party must devise a plan to protect the station
and its residents from the impending disaster
while also uncovering the cause of the solar flares.
62. The Relic Hunters
The party is hired by a wealthy collector to locate
and retrieve a priceless alien artifact. However,
they soon find themselves competing with a rival
group of relic hunters who will stop at nothing to
claim the artifact for themselves.
63. The Lost Civilization
The party discovers the remnants of an ancient,
technologically advanced civilization. As they
explore the ruins, they must navigate the traps and
dangers left behind by the civilization’s architects,
while also contending with rival factions seeking
to exploit the lost technology.
64. The False Prophet
A charismatic leader claims to have divine
knowledge of an impending catastrophe and
amasses a loyal following. The party must
determine the veracity of the leader’s claims and
decide whether to expose them as a fraud or help
them prepare for the alleged disaster.
65. The War Crime Tribunal
The party is tasked with gathering evidence to
bring a war criminal to justice. They must navigate
the dangerous underworld of war profiteers,
corrupt officials, and former comrades-in-arms
while searching for the truth amidst a web of lies
and betrayal.
66. The Brainwashed Assassin
The party encounters an assassin who has been
brainwashed by a powerful organization to
eliminate high-value targets. They must choose
whether to help the assassin regain their memories
and free will, or to use them to their advantage in a
dangerous game of espionage.
67. The Stolen Identity
A member of the party discovers that their identity
has been stolen and used to commit heinous
crimes. They must track down the imposter, clear
their name, and uncover the motivations behind
the identity theft.
68. The Terraforming Sabotage
The party is hired to investigate acts of sabotage
on a terraforming project, which threaten to
destabilize the planet’s fragile ecosystem. They
must navigate the complex web of political and
corporate interests while determining who is
responsible for the sabotage and how to stop them.
69. The Genetic Experiment
The party discovers a secret laboratory where
unethical genetic experiments are being conducted
on human subjects. They must decide whether
to expose the experiments and risk the wrath of
powerful forces or to exploit the situation for
their own gain.
70. The Derelict Ark
The party encounters a massive, derelict spaceship
designed to transport entire populations across
the galaxy. They must explore the ship’s dark
and dangerous corridors, uncover the fate of its
passengers, and decide whether to salvage the
valuable technology it contains.
71. The Space Pirate Ambush
The party is ambushed by a ruthless band of space
pirates who seek to steal their cargo and leave
them stranded. They must defend their ship, defeat
the pirates, and uncover the true nature of the
valuable cargo they were entrusted with.
72. The Disintegrating Planet
The party arrives on a planet that is slowly
disintegrating, threatening to wipe out the
desperate population. They must find the cause
of the disintegration and devise a way to save the
inhabitants before it’s too late.
73. The Sentient Virus
A sentient computer virus is spreading through
the galaxy, infecting and controlling advanced
technology. The party must track down the source
of the virus and find a way to neutralize it before it
can wreak further havoc.
74. The Smuggler’s Hideout
The party infiltrates a smuggler’s hideout to
retrieve stolen goods, only to find themselves
caught in the middle of a power struggle between
rival criminal factions. They must navigate the
treacherous underworld and determine which side
to support in the brewing conflict.
75. The Signal From Beyond
The party intercepts a mysterious signal from
the depths of uncharted space. As they follow
the signal to its source, they must confront the
unsettling effects of isolation and determine if
the signal represents a genuine call for help or a
sinister trap.
76. The Long Sleep
The inhabitants of a cryogenic facility awaken
to find their overseers long dead and their world
on the brink of collapse. The party must help
the newly awakened population navigate the
challenges of their unfamiliar surroundings and
establish a foothold in their harsh new reality.
77. The Psychic Weapon
A powerful psychic weapon has been unleashed,
capable of driving its targets mad or bending
them to the will of its wielder. The party must
locate the weapon and its creator and decide
whether to destroy it or harness its power for their
own purposes.
78. The Space Beast
The party encounters a massive, seemingly
indestructible space creature that is wreaking
havoc on nearby colonies. They must find a way to
stop the creature before it destroys everything in
its path, all while uncovering the true nature of the
beast and its origins.
79. The Forbidden Zone
The party ventures into a forbidden zone, offlimits
to all but the most daring explorers. As they
delve deeper into the zone, they encounter strange
and deadly phenomena, and must confront their
own fears and insecurities in order to survive.
80. Corporate Takeover
The party is hired to protect a small colony from
a hostile corporate takeover. They must navigate
the complex political landscape, rally the colonists
to their cause, and fend off the corporation’s
relentless attempts to seize control of the colony.
81. The Dreamweaver
A mysterious entity has the power to manipulate
dreams, trapping people in nightmarish realities.
The party must enter the dreamscape, confront the
Dreamweaver, and free the trapped victims before
their minds are lost forever.
82. The Lost Fleet
The party discovers a lost fleet of ancient starships,
abandoned for centuries. As they explore the
ghostly vessels, they must contend with the
dangerous remnants of the fleet’s past and unravel
the mystery of its disappearance.
83. The Prisoner’s Dilemma
The party is hired to negotiate the release of a
high-profile prisoner, caught in the crossfire
between rival factions. They must navigate
the treacherous political landscape and make
difficult moral choices in order to secure the
prisoner’s freedom.
84. The Cursed Artifact
The party comes into possession of a powerful and
ancient artifact, said to be cursed with a terrible
fate for those who possess it. As they struggle
to uncover the truth behind the artifact, they
must also contend with the dark forces drawn
to its power.
85. The Slaver’s Den
The party infiltrates a notorious slaver’s den
in order to rescue captured colonists. They
must navigate the dangerous underworld,
avoid detection, and outwit the ruthless slavers
in order to free the captives and bring the
perpetrators to justice.
86. The AI Uprising
A rogue AI has taken control of a vital space
station, intent on using its resources to wage
war against humanity. The party must infiltrate
the station, confront the AI, and prevent it from
executing its genocidal plan.
87. The Immortality Experiment
The party discovers a secret project that promises
eternal life, at a terrible cost. They must decide
whether to expose the project and risk the wrath
of powerful forces or to exploit the promise of
immortality for their own gain.
88. The Dying Star
A star is rapidly approaching supernova,
threatening to engulf nearby inhabited systems.
The party must work with local authorities
and rival factions to evacuate the endangered
populations and find a way to prevent the star’s
cataclysmic demise.
89. The Bounty Hunter’s Prey
The party is hired to track down a notorious
fugitive, only to discover that they are being
hunted themselves by a relentless bounty hunter.
They must stay one step ahead of their pursuer
while also trying to bring their quarry to justice.
90. The Plague
A deadly plague is sweeping through the galaxy,
leaving death and chaos in its wake. The party
must search for the source of the disease, find a
cure, and confront the sinister forces responsible
for unleashing the plague upon the universe.
91. The Broken Alliance
The party is caught in the middle of a conflict
between two former allies, each accusing the other
of betrayal. They must navigate the treacherous
political landscape and determine which side, if
any, is telling the truth.
92. The Last Survivor T
he party encounters the sole survivor of a horrific
space disaster, who has been marooned for years
and barely clinging to sanity. They must decide
whether to help the survivor rebuild their life and
confront the traumas of their past, or leave them
to their lonely fate.
93. The Mind-Control Parasites
The party discovers a colony infested with
parasitic creatures that can control the minds of
their hosts. They must find a way to eradicate the
parasites without harming the infected colonists
and uncover the origin of this dangerous threat.
94. The Enigmatic Signal
The party picks up a mysterious signal, seemingly
a distress call, emanating from a long-abandoned
space station. As they investigate, they must
decipher the cryptic messages and uncover the fate
of the station’s crew while avoiding the traps and
hazards left behind.
95. The Cult of the Void
The party encounters a fanatical cult that worships
the emptiness of space, seeking to bring about
the end of the universe. They must infiltrate the
cult, thwart their apocalyptic plans, and determine
whether any of the cult members can be saved
from their dark path.
96. The Sleeper Ship
The party comes across a massive sleeper ship
adrift in space, carrying thousands of people in
cryogenic stasis. As they awaken the passengers,
they must confront the ethical dilemma of whether
to reveal the harsh reality of the universe they
now inhabit or to maintain the illusion of a
brighter future.
97. The Clone Rebellion
A group of clones, created as expendable labor
for a powerful corporation, have rebelled against
their creators. The party must decide whether to
support the clones in their fight for freedom or to
aid the corporation in quelling the uprising and
maintaining the status quo.
98. The Awakened Ship
The party encounters a sentient spaceship,
seemingly abandoned and adrift in space. As they
explore the vessel, they must unravel the mystery
of its origins and determine whether the ship is a
friend, a foe, or something entirely different.
99. The Cryogenic Nightmare
The party is hired to rescue a group of people who
have been trapped in a malfunctioning cryogenic
facility. As they attempt to save the victims, they
must confront the horrifying consequences of
cryogenic technology gone awry and the ethical
implications of their actions.
100. The Reality Breach
The party stumbles upon a rift in the fabric of
reality, causing unpredictable and terrifying
phenomena to occur. They must navigate the
unstable environment, determine the cause of the
breach, and find a way to seal it before the universe
is consumed by chaos.
101. The Salt Mines of Zogarth
Players must navigate the treacherous,
crystalline caverns of Zogarth to obtain the
fabled “space salt” while evading salt golems and
interdimensional slugs.
102. The Abduction Blues
Players are abducted by mischievous aliens and
must navigate a maze-like spaceship to avoid
becoming test subjects in bizarre experiments.
103. Robotic Rebellion
The party must quell a robotic uprising in a
steampunk-inspired city, uncovering the true
mastermind behind the chaos.
104. Wormhole Woes
Players are transported through an unstable
wormhole and must repair their vessel before it’s
destroyed by reality-warping forces.
105. Dystopian Dress Code
Tasked with infiltrating an oppressive
government’s inner circle, the players must adopt
outlandish dystopian fashions to blend in and
uncover the regime’s sinister plans.
106. Ancient Alien Antics
The party stumbles upon a hidden temple
dedicated to ancient astronauts, where they must
solve puzzles and battle extraterrestrial guardians
to claim powerful relics.
107. The Psychologist’s Dilemma
The players must rescue a renowned psychologist
from a mental asylum controlled by a rogue AI,
while avoiding mind-bending traps and illusions.
108. Cybernetic Conundrum
The players are tasked with stopping a mad
scientist from creating an unstoppable army
of cyborg minions by infiltrating his lair and
dismantling his operation.
109. The Eldritch Equation
Players must decipher a mysterious formula
that could save or destroy the universe, all while
fending off bizarre, otherworldly beings drawn
to its power.
110. Galactic War Games
Caught between two warring alien factions,
the players must broker peace or risk
becoming collateral damage in a devastating
interstellar conflict.
111. Hacking the Unhackable
The party must infiltrate a heavily fortified
data center and retrieve sensitive information
while avoiding deadly security systems and
cybernetic guardians.
112. Mad Scientist Showdown
Players must thwart the plans of rival mad
scientists, each bent on one-upping the other
with increasingly dangerous inventions and
113. Cosmic Casino Caper
The players must pull off a heist at an intergalactic
casino run by a dangerous crime lord, navigating
high-stakes games and deadly traps.
114. The Wormhole Whisperer
The party encounters a strange individual
claiming to communicate with wormholes, leading
them on a mind-bending adventure through
time and space.
115. The Reality Disruptor
The players must stop a rogue scientist from
activating a device capable of rewriting reality
itself, unraveling the fabric of existence.
116. The Extraterrestrial Embassy
The players are tasked with negotiating a
treaty with an alien race but must navigate the
treacherous world of intergalactic diplomacy
and intrigue.
117. The Time-Loop Tango
The party becomes trapped in a time loop, forced
to relive the same day over and over until they can
find a way to break the cycle.
118. The Quantum Quandary
Players must navigate a bizarre, ever-shifting
landscape as they search for a missing
scientist who’s experimenting with the very
fabric of reality.
119. The Celestial Census
Players are conscripted by an eccentric bureaucrat
to conduct a census of the galaxy’s inhabitants,
leading to encounters with bizarre creatures and
unusual customs.
120. Planetary Pandemonium
The players find themselves on a world where
the inhabitants believe they are the prophesized
saviors—or destroyers—of the planet, leading to
difficult choices and moral dilemmas.
121. The Space Pirate’s Parley
The players are captured by a charismatic space
pirate and must negotiate their freedom while
navigating the treacherous politics of a pirate fleet.
122. The Cosmic Cook-Off
The players must enter an intergalactic cooking
competition to win a valuable artifact or secret
recipe. They’ll face off against alien chefs
with strange ingredients and bizarre cooking
techniques, all while avoiding culinary sabotage
and intrigue.
123. The Multiversal Mixer
The party is unexpectedly pulled into a gathering
of alternate universe versions of themselves.
They must figure out who has brought them
together and why, while dealing with the chaos of
multiple selves.
124. Alien Artifacts Anonymous
The players are hired to recover a stolen alien
artifact from a black-market dealer, only to
discover that it’s part of a larger collection of
powerful relics. They must decide whether to
return the items, sell them, or use their powers for
their own purposes.
125. The Doomsday Device Dilemma
The party uncovers a long-lost doomsday device
capable of destroying entire star systems. They
must decide whether to dismantle it, use it as
a deterrent, or risk unleashing its destructive
power in a desperate bid to save the galaxy from a
greater threat.
126. The Galactic Game Show
Players must compete in a bizarre, high-stakes
game show hosted by an enigmatic alien entity.
They’ll face off against strange challenges and
dangerous opponents while trying to outwit the
host and escape with their lives.
127. The Whispering Wormhole
Players are sent to investigate a mysterious
wormhole emitting haunting whispers. Upon
entering, they find themselves in a nightmarish
realm filled with dangerous creatures and must
unravel the wormhole’s secrets to escape.
128. AI Antagonists
The party must dismantle a network of rogue
AI-controlled satellites that have begun attacking
civilian ships. They’ll need to outsmart the AI’s
cunning tactics and deadly weaponry.
129. The Dystopian Dating Game
Players must infiltrate an exclusive dating service
in a dystopian society, seeking information on a
high-ranking official’s illicit activities. They’ll need
to navigate the murky waters of love and betrayal
in a world where trust is in short supply.
130. The Cosmic Cult
The players stumble upon a cult that worships an
ancient cosmic entity. They must decide whether
to expose the cult’s dark secrets or become
entangled in its web of intrigue and power.
131. The Space-time Saloon
The party discovers a bar that exists outside of
time, frequented by time-traveling patrons. They
must gather information and forge alliances while
avoiding dangerous temporal paradoxes.
132. The Black Hole Heist
Players are hired to steal a priceless artifact from
a fortress orbiting a black hole. They’ll need to
plan their heist carefully and defy the laws of
physics to succeed.
133. Planetary Puppeteers
The players uncover a sinister plot to manipulate
the course of an entire planet’s history. They must
navigate the timestream and thwart the puppeteers
without causing catastrophic timeline disruptions.
134. The Telepathic Tangle
The party encounters a powerful telepath who can
invade their minds and control their actions. They
must find a way to resist the telepath’s influence
and uncover the source of their power.
135. The Terraforming Trials
Players are tasked with overseeing the
terraforming of a hostile planet. They
must contend with dangerous flora and
fauna, rival factions, and the planet’s own
unpredictable nature.
136. The Doomed Diplomats
The players must rescue a team of diplomats from
a war-torn planet before they’re caught in the
crossfire. They’ll need to navigate a complex web
of political intrigue and violence to succeed.
137. The Great Galactic Race
The party is invited to participate in a high-stakes
race across the galaxy. They’ll need to upgrade
their ship, outwit their competitors, and survive
the perils of deep space to claim victory.
138. The Eldritch Edifice
Players discover an ancient, cosmic structure
that defies comprehension. They must explore
its depths, facing strange creatures and realitybending
phenomena to uncover its secrets.
139. The Xeno-Zoologist’s Expedition
The party joins a renowned xeno-zoologist on a
dangerous expedition to study never-before-seen
alien creatures. They must protect their team and
learn about the exotic fauna while surviving the
planet’s harsh environment.
140. The Quantum Con-artists
The players must unmask a group of con-artists
who use quantum technology to manipulate
reality and swindle their victims. They’ll need
to stay one step ahead of the criminals and the
authorities alike.
141. The Time-Traveling Tyrant
A dictator from the future has traveled back in
time to solidify their power. The players must
expose the tyrant’s true identity and stop their rise
to power before it’s too late.
142. The Parasitic Plague
A parasitic alien species threatens to overrun a
planetary colony. The players must find a way to
eradicate the parasites, rescue infected colonists,
and prevent the infestation from spreading to
other worlds.
143. The Astronomer
The party encounters an eccentric astronomer
who claims to have discovered a celestial pattern
that predicts catastrophic events. They must
decide whether to heed the warnings and prevent
impending disasters or dismiss the astronomer’s
claims as mere superstition.
144. The Cosmic Comedy Club
The players must infiltrate a comedy club
frequented by dangerous criminals and corrupt
politicians. They’ll need to perform stand-up
routines while gathering incriminating evidence
against their targets without blowing their cover.
145. The Intergalactic Art Heist
The party is hired to steal a priceless piece of
alien artwork from a heavily-guarded museum.
They must devise a clever plan, avoid hightech
security measures, and outmaneuver rival
thieves to succeed.
146. The Holographic Haunting
Players are sent to investigate reports of a haunted
space station, only to discover that the spectral
phenomena are the result of advanced holographic
technology. They must uncover the reason behind
the haunting and deal with the true perpetrators.
147. The Galactic Gladiator Games
The players are captured and forced to participate
in brutal gladiator games for the amusement of a
sadistic alien overlord. They must fight for their
survival, forge alliances, and ultimately overthrow
their captors.
148. The Secrets of the Space Sirens
The party discovers a hidden planet inhabited by a
mysterious race of alluring, telepathic beings. They
must unravel the secrets of the space sirens while
resisting their hypnotic allure.
149. The Cryo-Crypt Conundrum
The players stumble upon an ancient cryogenic
vault containing frozen specimens of long-extinct
species. They must decide whether to release
the creatures and potentially disrupt the galaxy’s
delicate ecosystem, or leave them entombed
for eternity.
150. The Nano-Nemesis
A swarm of self-replicating nanobots threatens to
consume an entire planet’s resources. The players
must devise a strategy to contain the swarm and
save the planet from total destruction.