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Crimson Terrain

Tiny Terrors #2 The Moonlight Burglar

Tiny Terrors #2 The Moonlight Burglar

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Introducing Tiny Terrors #2 The Moonlight Burglar, the second in our growing collection of one-shot adventures for low-level play. This adventure is perfect for those early days in an adventuring party's career when every challenge is a test of mettle. But be warned - these are the most dangerous times for young adventurers. Within this tiny book, you'll find everything you need to run the adventure, including:
  • A new one-shot adventure, perfect for dropping into your campaign or running on its own.
  • Two possible adventure hooks.
  • A simple hand-drawn map.
  • 3 new bestiary entries.
  • 3 new magical items.


So gather your adventuring party and get ready for some low-level fun!

This adventure is meant for a group of 3-5 adventurers of Levels 3-4. It should take around 2-4 hours to play through.

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