About Crimson Terrain

We love tabletop roleplaying games, and want to make the best products for you. Whether it's a new adventure to take your party on or some great new terrain to battle over, we're always working on something new and exciting. Our mission is to create the best products possible and help you have the most fun possible while playing your favorite games. Thanks for supporting us!


Anthony Qualkinbush - Author, Creator, & Managing Member of Crimson Terrain llc

Hi, I'm Anthony. I love spending time with my wife and daughter - they're the lights of my life. I'm a long-time role player and Perma DM. I love to build and design worlds and develop stories and creatures, often based on mythology and folklore.

I'm a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi - in fact, that's what got me into tabletop gaming in the first place. I'm also a creator of all sorts of tabletop gaming supplements, tools, and resources. I've successfully crowdfunded many projects including Riddlehouse Vol. 1 & 2, It's Tough to Be a God, & Tabletop Terrain. And independently published a number of small adventure supplements like Attack of the Christmas Pudding and the Tiny Terrors series.