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Crimson Terrain

15x15 Battlemap | Castlegate Encounter

15x15 Battlemap | Castlegate Encounter

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The Castlegate Encounter is a 15x15 Battlemap set in an open area with a river dividing the map directly in front of the castle with a small bridge spanning the river.

The map comes complete with several variants including snowy conditions or dry! You can also get a damaged version where everything is showing signs of destruction use it in a siege event or to indicate the castle is long since out of use - this adds some extra depth since players will have to navigate around these areas creating potential combat uses and dangers. Plus, there are gridded (for intense tactical battles) AND non-gridded options to provide the ideal play area for your preferred type of game.


1 combined printable pdf

9 individual printable pdfs

30 individual battle map PNGs

You will find vtt ready image files as well as printer-friendly b&w versions and pdfs designed for easy printing at home included in this package.

I have included one combined pdf and individual pdf options to enable you to preview the map pdf printing setup and the option to only download a single pdf and print only the pages you need.


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