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It's Tough to Be a God

It's Tough to Be a God

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This supplement, for your favorite 5th Edition Fantasy game, provides everything you need to create, call upon, and battle the most powerful entities in the multiverse. Included within are descriptions and statistics for a pantheon of deities, divine beasts, and quasi deities. along with suggestions for creating your own gods, It's Tough to Be a God also includes information on advancing characters to the heights of divinity, allowing for play as mortal gods.

Gain cosmic powers by ascending to godhood through the power of your follower's belief. Discover powerful Holy Relics; Wield cosmic power to destroy the so-called immortal "true" gods. Confront legendary Divine Beasts, seek their blessings or claim their power as your own and prove yourself. Unleash this forbidden knowledge & more including, divine feats, unique spells, monsters, & player options!

Play as a demigod or Nephilim, two new character ancestries detailed within. confront fate head-on as the new oracle character class! All this and more await you within.

  • New custom Oracle Class & 3 subclasses! The Gift of Sight, Gift of Rituals, and Gift of Augury subclasses.
  • 30 new items including Holy Relics
  • 33 monsters including 10 Scalable Divine Beasts & 13 Deities
  • 28 spells
  • New Divine Feats provide cosmic power granted through the Belief system.
  • Play as one of two new Ancestries: the Nephilim or the universal subrace/ancestry Demigod able to work with any existing ancestry in your game.
  • New Backgrounds and more allow you to discover your Cosmic heritage.
  • Adventure hooks to help you take on divinity & so much MORE waiting to help you expand your world!
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