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Riddlehouse Vol. 1

Riddlehouse Vol. 1

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Looking for some new and exciting horror-themed adventures for your favorite tabletop roleplaying game? Look no further than Riddlehouse Vol. 1! This supplement is packed with scalable adventures, new magical oddities, and creatures to challenge your players. With improved rules systems for scaling encounters and monsters, this supplement is sure to take your game to the next level. So gather your party and get ready for some thrills and chills with Riddlehouse Vol. 1!
This supplement is a collection of scalable Horror-themed adventures for your favorite tabletop roleplaying game. Inside you will find:
  • five one-shot adventures for you to drop into your campaign, run on their own, or build a new campaign around.
  • A mysterious group patron, the Riddlehouse organization.
  • Tons of new Magical oddities including, diseases, spells, equipment, potions, artifacts, poisons, traits, and various Magical Curiosities.
  • 35 creatures to challenge your players with including 7 scalable monsters.
  • New and improved rules systems have been included to enhance your games. An improved madness system, system for scaling encounters and monsters to best fit your party composition, G.O.A.L. Intelligent NPCs system included along with roleplaying cards utilizing this system for NPCs encountered in the book.
All this and more awaits you in this first installment of Riddlehouse.

excerpt from bestiary with illustrations, stat blocks, and more for aurantia ratling and raging flesh render monsters.

Also included with the book is a collection of related printable handouts that you can use to further impress your players and improve their immersion. Including business cards, letters, missing posters, flyers, messages, TPK-1020 forms, letterhead, and more! Multiple file formats for each item.

printable handout examples including business cards, letters, messages, forms, posters and more included.

Additionally, a full color highly detailed set of maps has been included as well as several variants for each map and print files to allow you to easily print and use the maps at your table. Oh and I almost forgot there are also universal VTT files included for each map and several variants.

Display of Several types of included maps and mentions that they are available in print and play formats as well as virtual table top ready.

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