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Crimson Terrain

Tiny Terrors #1 Tricky Trappers

Tiny Terrors #1 Tricky Trappers

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Welcome to the first installment of Tiny Terrors. This is the first issue of what will, one day soon, be a sprawling collection of Tier 1 adventures for you to create a thrilling experience for those heady early days in the life of a newly minted adventuring party. Though these encounters are intended for low-level play, be warned, these are the most dangerous times in a young adventurer's career and the challenges within will surely test their mettle.

Brave the depths of the Kobold's Warren and face the hidden dangers within as you attempt to drive out the beasts and if possible recover the woodsman Arnlin and his nephew Ren.

Within  this Tiny book, you will find all that you need to run this adventure including:
  • A new one-shot adventure for you to drop into your campaign or run on its own.
  • Two Possible adventure hooks
  • A Simple hand-drawn map
  • Five Monsters
  • A magical Dragon Effigy
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